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Dr Sara Laflamme

Dre Sara Laflamme received her dental medicine degree at Laval University in 2003. She refined her training in endodontics right after. She then continued training in esthetic dentistry and occlusal rehabilitation, treatment for facial and jaw joint pain, functionnal orthodontics and traitement of tongue and lip ties. She also has a specialized training in oral myofunctional therapy from the KM Academy in Toronto. Her caring whole body approach, makes her completely dedicated to providing comprehensive masticatory system dentistry. Frenectomies - Lip and tongue tie releases

Since graduating, she has been working in the greater Montreal area.  She proudly practices since 2017 in the beautiful Beaurepaire Village in Beaconsfield. Her goal is to provide quality care, and especially treatments that are adapted to your needs and your reality.

Sara Laflamme is a women with a calm personality and a dynamic spirit. Continuous education and new challenges are an active part of Dr Laflamme's practice. She works as a general dentist since more than 20 years and excels especially in the areas of esthetics, TMJ and surgery in which she uses the new PRF technology with ease. Her passions: karate and music.

"Looking forward to meet you and discuss with you what is important for you."

Sara Laflamme, DMD 2003

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