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Myofunctionnal Interceptive Orthodontics

Have you heard of Myofunctionnal Orthodontics?

We treat children with light appliances worn mostly at night and exercises to train the muscles of the mouth. On top of getting your child a healthier way to talk, to chew, to breath and to sleep, it gives more room for straight teeth.

  • Does your child have a retruded lower jaw?
  • Did you know that a deficit in the jaw development is associated with a wrong tongue posture and a non physiological breathing?
  • Does your child have crooked teeth or no gaps between his baby teeth?
  • Did you know that your child can improve his whole health by improving his breathing?

These conditions and many more can be addressed in a consultation with Dre Sara Laflamme to find out if myofunctionnal interceptive Orthodontics is right for your child.

Consultations as early as 3 years old

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